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Your Own Private Wilderness: Guided Luxury Camping

The Gros Ventre Wilderness Area is an unspoiled gem of Jackson Hole.  Not receiving the summer crowds like Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area is exceptionally beautiful. It is vast place filled with rugged mountains, quiet forests, babbling brooks, and lush wildflower meadows, and in my eyes, one of the […]

Cooking on a Wyoming Ranch, Ranch Cuisine

Chef for a Summer on a Wyoming Ranch, Wyoming Ranch Cuisine I arrived two months ago to Flat Creek Ranch to create wonderful Ranch Cuisine.  This Wyoming ranch can easily be referred to as a place of serenity, peace and beauty.  I am wrapping up my final days here at Flat Creek Ranch with bittersweet emotions.  The […]

Trail Running, an Alternative Guest Ranch Activity

Trail Running in Jackson Hole. An Alternative Guest Ranch Activity As everyone who visits Flat Creek Ranch soon comes to realize, there are plenty of activities around the ranch that allow you to immerse yourself in the wilderness. From hiking, to horseback riding, fly fishing and water sports, Flat Creek Ranch has an activity for […]

Adventure Leadership Workshop Comes to Jackson Hole

Adventure Leadership Workshop Tired of the run-of-the-mill, hotel ballroom-held, corporate retreat where you don’t remember anything you learned a week after you return back to the job? This September 2-5 we are proud to be hosting a new style of management workshop, an adventure leadership workshop, led in conjunction with Leadership Adventures Inc., is designed to […]

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Reviews

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Reviews With the snow thawing, long spring days, and the grass greening up, we’re getting ready to open Flat Creek Ranch.  In preparation, we always check out past reviews of our Jackson Hole dude ranch.  We always look at other Jackson Hole dude ranch reviews, and our own to try and […]

Horseback Riding Jackson Hole WY Dude Ranch

Horseback Riding, Jackson Hole WY A Note on Horses and Trail Rides at Flat Creek Ranch Shelby Scharp, Co-Manager Being in Wyoming conjures up all sorts of images about cowboys and horses. We hope that horseback riding on our Jackson Hole dude ranch will solidify that image. A trip to Wyoming just wouldn’t be the same […]

Spring Wildflowers at our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch

Spring Wildflowers. Abundant Bloom at Flat Creek Ranch We all hope that spring is fast approaching, and one of the first signs are spring wildflowers.  We wanted to take a moment at give you a taste of what you might see at Flat Creek Ranch if you come early enough to catch the wildflowers in […]

Private Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly fishing on Flat Creek Ranch, Private Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole at it’s best! There are few opportunities for private fly fishing in Jackson Hole.  Flat Creek Ranch offers private access  fly fishing on some of the most coveted private waters in Jackson Hole.  The gin clear waters of Flat Creek sustain healthy populations […]

Why Choose Jackson Hole Wyoming Vacation Packages?

Are Jackson Hole Wyoming vacation packages a better value than booking separately? In light of the idea that everyone is trying to get the best value for their money, I went out to see just how Flat Creek Ranch stacked up. What if you stayed in Jackson Hole and tried to have the same experiences on […]

New Site Launched!

Welcome to the new Flat Creek Ranch website. Look around and explore.  We’re excited to meet you this upcoming 2014 season!