“After enjoying a hearty breakfast each morning, we headed out for horseback riding, fly fishing or hiking. For each activity, we were accompanied by a member of the Flat Creek staff who provided us with great instruction and loads of interesting information about the ranch property and the surrounding areas”.

Adventures at Flat Creek Ranch

Wyoming dude ranch adventures

What Makes Us Special

  • Many Wyoming dude ranches feature horseback riding as their predominant daily activity. We offer riding, too – memorable half-day trail rides on rugged mountain trails. But we don’t provide horseback activities every day. We find that in Jackson Hole, the typical visitor wants to experience a full range of activities. At our remote hideaway, fly-fishing and hiking are as popular as riding – if not more so.
  • Many dude ranches have 50-60 guests at a time. At our ranch, we have only five guest cabins. That gives us an intimate ambiance with a capacity of just 12-14 guests. You are never part of a crowd.
  • Many dude ranches are located close to a main road, which allows their guests to drive into town to shop or visit galleries. By contrast our ranch is a secluded destination.
  • Many dude ranches require a minimum stay of one week. Our minimum stay is three nights.

*Flat Creek Ranch is a Permittee in Bridger-Teton National Forest.  An Equal Opportunity Provider.


Dude Ranch Hiking, Jackson Hole Hiking, Guest Ranch Hiking

The Flat Creek Ranch (elevation 7,400 feet) is surrounded on all sides by the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area. Any path you choose to hike — rigorous climb or easy amble — will cross elk trails and meadows brilliant with wildflowers. You can hike the Teton Overlook trail that climbs to a panoramic view of Grand Teton National Park, stretching from the base of the Grand Teton to Jackson Lake. Or, if you’re in the mood for a bigger challenge, you can pursue the old Poachers’ Trail up to the Nose of the Sleeping Indian Mountain (elevation –11,106 feet). Almost as challenging is the shorter South Ridge trail leading up toward Table Mountain. Many gentler trails also crisscross our ranch and the surrounding terrain. We’ll sketch out a route for you to follow on your own. Or if you would prefer, you can join one of our guided hikes. We hold an outfitting permit from the U.S. Forest Service that allows us to provide guided hikes into the wilderness area.

“Nature came alive for us at the ranch with wildlife and scenery unmatched”

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Horseback Riding

**No horseback riding before June 2nd and after Sept. 25th. Camp goes from 6/21 – 9/1**

The backcountry surrounding our ranch is the Gros Ventre National Wilderness Area. Horseback riding is inherently risky in the wilderness, which is made up of 287,000 acres of pine forests, mountains and steep valleys. But if you are up for it, we are ready to take you on memorable trail rides that usually last from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Our guests often ride on the little-used Forest Service trail past Flat Creek Lake, through pristine forest and verdant meadow, and on to an outfitter’s camp for lunch.

“This is NOT your average trail ride…you are actually going through streams, up and down mountains and through some of the most beautiful scenery I ever seen. A+”

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Fly Fishing

We own a mile-and-a-half stretch of upper Flat Creek’s challenging waters and the 50-acre Flat Creek Lake. And you’ll have access to another five miles of fast riffles and deep pools on public land just west of our ranch. Our rule is: Fly fishing only, catch-and-release. Our favorite spot on the ranch is the “Curt Gowdy hole,” a deep and placid bend in Flat Creek where wily cutthroats and scrappy brook trout congregate. Some of our guests prefer stalking the big cutthroats that hide in the clear, deep channel that winds through the lake. Luckily for dry fly purists, Flat Creek is blessed with prolific hatches of mayflies, caddis flies and a host of others. We can lend you fly rods, reels, nets and waders; we also provide a free fly-fishing clinic for those who want to learn or brush up on fishing techniques.

“The highlight of the trip was fishing in the creek with a couple of moose watching me.”

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Water Activities

Some intrepid souls dare to swim in the chilly waters of Flat Creek Lake, there is a floating dock that gives you easy access for a quick dip or to practice your fly casting.  We also have canoes, tandem sit-on-top kayak and stand up paddle boards so that you may enjoy our 50-acre lake.  We also have a McKenzie style all wood boat for fishing or perhaps getting a glimpse at a moose at the far end of the lake.

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Sit on your porch and watch a longtime resident pair of bald eagles soar over Flat Creek Lake in search of fish. Hear the piercing cry of ospreys. Watch for mink, moose, deer and an occasional big horn sheep. There could be bears around too. So before you go walking in the woods, ask us to loan you a can of pepper spray.

“There are a few places in the world where you can stand in absolute silence and appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer. FCR is one of those places”

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Hot Tub and Sauna

The sauna house is a log cabin that extends out over Flat Creek. Let us crank up the wood stove that we imported from Finland. Throw some water on the rocks, take advantage of the essential oils and when you’re parboiled, step outside for an icy shower — or if you are really brave, dip into the creek. You might also want the try the Snorkle 6 man hot tub. This is also wood fired and is an amazing way to rid yourself of aches and pains from riding and hiking, not to mention one of the best ways to take in the stars at night.

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Children’s Activities

Families are welcome. Kids can go hiking. Or learn to recognize a moose track. They can play ping pong or horseshoes.

Parents with younger children should be aware that:

  • We don’t have supervised children’s programs or television.
  • We don’t have fishing equipment for children under 11.
  • We don’t allow children under 11 to ride unless we are sure they are experienced riders.