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We’ll Keep You Busy…
or Not

Wyoming dude ranches usually feature horseback riding as their predominant daily activity. We offer riding, too – memorable half-day trail rides on rugged mountain trails. But most Jackson Hole visitors want to experience more. At our remote hideaway, fly fishing, paddleboarding, and hiking are as popular as riding. Let us show you the ropes to the Jackson Hole wilderness.

Wyoming Ranch Vacation

A special place

At the base of the Sleeping Indian there really isn’t a more beautiful spot. Sitting on your porch looking out over the rushing creek, or riding your horse through dense woods opening onto crystal clear lakes, with no one else around. Hiking up a steep hill to reach the top and the majestic view of the tetons beyond. Really no place like this. You kinda can’t believe it’s as lovely as it is.

– Ramblin’ Josh

Wyoming Ranch Vacation

Horseback Riding

Deep wilderness rides out your back door

Take memorable rides through our 287,000-acre backyard wilderness layered with pristine pine forests, verdant meadows, mountains and steep valleys. Rides usually start mid-morning and go to mid-afternoon and you’ll probably stop for lunch on the trail. “This is NOT your average trail ride…” one guest said. “You are actually going through streams, up and down mountains and through some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. A+

Can’t get enough horseback back riding? Additional private horseback rides are available at an additional cost.

Wyoming Ranch Vacation

Fly Fishing

Exclusive creek and lake fly fishing access; gear and fly fishing clinic included

At Flat Creek, you’ll have exclusive access to a mile-and-a-half stretch of upper Flat Creek’s challenging waters and the 50-acre Flat Creek Lake.

  • Fly fishing only, catch-and-release.
  • Access our private “Curt Gowdy hole,” a deep and placid bend in Flat Creek where wily cutthroats and scrappy brook trout congregate.
  • Stalk the big cutthroats in the clear, deep channel that winds through the lake.
  • High end fly rods, reels, nets and waders provided with your stay.
  • Free fly fishing clinic to learn or brush up on fly fishing techniques.

Luckily for dry fly purists, Flat Creek is blessed with prolific hatches of mayflies, caddis flies and a host of others. As if that’s not enough, you’ll also have easy access to another five miles of fast riffles and deep pools on vast, open public land just west of our ranch.

Full day guide fly fishing trips are also available for an additional fee.

Wyoming Ranch Vacation


Wildflowers, wildlife, and wild views

The Flat Creek Ranch is a private oasis surrounded by public land.

Sited at 7,400 feet, you’ll find yourself quite literally surrounded by the Bridger-Teton National Forest, the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area and the National Elk Refuge. Any path you choose to hike — rigorous climb or easy amble — will cross elk trails and meadows brilliant with wildflowers.

  • Teton Overlook Trail climbs to a panoramic view of Grand Teton National Park, stretching from the base of the Grand Teton to Jackson Lake.
  • The Old Poachers’ Trail leads to the “nose” of the Sleeping Indian Mountain (elevation –11,106 feet). There you’ll find resplendent views of impossibly blue mountain lakes in rugged rock bowls and a mountain chain that seems to stretch out forever.
  • The shorter South Ridge trail leads up toward Table Mountain with fantastic 360-degree views of Jackson Hole.

We can also sketch plenty more leisurely routes out for you on gentler terrain.
Of course, you can always join a guided hike if you’d prefer since we have one of the few permits to provide guided hikes in the wilderness area.

Full day guide hikes are available for an additional fee.

Wyoming Ranch Vacation

Swimming & The Lake

Come alive in the chilly water, or just chill on the shore or on the surface

Flat Creek Lake is a natural playground. The chilly waters entice some intrepid swimmers and always feel amazing after a long day of activity. Consider it your private 50-acre plunge pool where you can also listen to the fish rise in the still of the morning.

  • Private floating dock gives you easy access for a quick dip or to practice your fly casting.
  • Canoes, a tandem sit-on-top kayak and stand up paddle boards let you enjoy the water without getting wet.
  • McKenzie style wood boat allows for fishing or perhaps sneaking a glimpse at the moose at the far end of the lake.
Wyoming Ranch Vacation


Wildlife as a way of life

Bring a camera and a long lens, because wildlife is just part of life up here. You’re likely to have some of the following experiences:

  • Sit on your porch and watch a longtime resident pair of bald eagles soar over Flat Creek Lake in search of fish.
  • Hear the piercing cry of ospreys.
  • Watch for mink, moose, deer and an occasional big horn sheep.
  • Watch a bear slink across the trail. Don’t forget to ask for some bear spray before you hit the trails, it’s available for all guests.
Wyoming Ranch Vacation

Hot Tub and Sauna

Things that make you go, “Ahhhhhhh!”

Return from a trail ride or long hike and take the edge off the aches and pains of the trail.

  • Imported wood-fired Finnish sauna house to detox the trail dust and rejuvenate.
  • Add provided essential oils to the water on the rocks for some aromatherapy.
  • Wood-fired hot tub will reduce pain and help you relax
  • Take in the starry night sky from the comfort of the hot tub

For some fun contrast or a show of bravery, you may also want to take a dip in the creek between soakings.

Full-Service Concierge

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Other Activities

Dude Ranch Wyoming

Luxury Historic Cabins

Make yourself at home in gorgeous cabins sited in the forest on a private lake. With modern amenities and old West sensibilities, these cabins will help you appreciate Jackson Hole even more.

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Fine Dining

Outrageous meals. Served fresh. Three times a day. Guests frequently mention how we overdeliver at mealtimes. Opulent fare that can usually acquiesce to even the toughest dietary restrictions.

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Our Unique Location

Jackson Hole is wild country, but even Jackson locals rarely make it to our distant neck of the woods. You’ll feel away from it all in the best possible way: beautiful mountains around you and the headwaters of a famed trout stream running right through the ranch.

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