Flat Creek Ranch

Beautiful Ranch Location

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

10 Miles From the
Nearest Neighbor

Escape. Solitude. Peace. Getaway. Whatever your favorite word for getting away from the bustle of modern life, we fit it. Your nearest neighbors will reside 10 miles away down a 4×4 access only dirt road. This is one of the few places on Earth where you can stand in absolute silence interrupted only by the rustle of wind through the trees. You’ll appreciate the sights and fresh pine scent of millions of acres of wilderness just off your private porch.

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch


If you are looking to unplug and relax while being pampered….in a remote, lovely setting…head for Flat Creek Ranch. With the windows open, you could hear the creek’s music. Horseback riding, hiking and fishing can occupy your days…or not.

– J. Lee

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Over the Elk Refuge and Through the Woods…

Getting here is part of the fun.

A 15-mile route across the National Elk Refuge and into the mountains over a rigorous 4×4 road leads to Flat Creek Ranch.

You’ll climb up a beatuiful canyon even most locals don’t know about to find yourself enfolded in the arms of Mother Nature.

This is a true haven on the shores of a clearwater backcountry lake where wildlife is much more plentiful than the wild life you may have left behind.

Pristine Lake

50 acres of cool, clean, and crystal clear water

Take the wood boat out to fish. Or enjoy the lapping of the water on the kayaks or paddleboards.

Take a refreshing, chilly dip or fly fish from our floating dock.

Or just observe the bald eagles, owls, osprey, deer, moose, ducks and more that frequent these waters as much as you’ll want to.

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Soaring Mountains

A land of countless day hikes and horseback rides

Flat Creek Ranch is at 7,400 feet. But that’s just the beginning of the elevation if you want more.

To the northeast, the daunting cliffs of Sheep Mountain tower. Appropriately named, you may spot mountain sheep perched there.

If you could climb it in a straight line, you’d only have to travel about a mile and a half to the summit for almost 4,000 feet of elevation gain.

To the southwest, it’s not much farther to the wildflower plateau of Table Mountain at a shade over 10,000 feet.

To the south, trails follow the meandering Flat Creek through pristine meadows and forestland to spectacular wilderness and backcountry lakes.

In this place, there is no “wrong direction” to travel.

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

A Relic of Western History

A wild West tale of a countess and a cowboy

Established in 1922 as a homestead for former horse rustler Cal Carrington, the Flat Creek Ranch has a wild West history.

Decades before proper establishment, Cal stayed at an abandoned fur trapper’s cabin on the propoerty with stolen horses.

“I could see the sheriff a’coming either way,” he said.

He eventually “decided it was time to get respectable and go into dudin’,” an activity he pursued at other ranches for about eight years.

Chicago newspaper heiress Countess Gizycka, or Eleanor “Cissy” Patterson, came to Jackson Hole on the rebound from a disastrous marriage to a philandering Russian count in 1917. Soon after she met Cal, who courted her with romantic evenings and long hunting trips.

By 1922, he officially homesteads the ranch. A year later, he sells it to Cissy and remains a close friend and hunting guide for years to come.

Nowadays, the ranch operates on a permanent conservation easement that ensures it will always remain part of the wild West.

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Log Cabins

Settle down in one of our historic, completely renovated log cabins. Each is a suite consisting of a bedroom, a living room with wood stove, a bathroom and a sitting porch. Electric power comes from our state-of-the-art solar system – a symbol of our determination to preserve our environment and promote low impact eco-tourism.

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Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Fine Dining

At the end of your wilderness day, come in for a soft landing. Unkink in the sauna. Restoke your fires on our ranch gourmet cooking – a healthy and generous cuisine spiced with just enough decadence. Beer and wine are complimentary at cocktail hour and dinner.

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Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Western Adventures

On a permanent conservation easement with mind-blowing mountains, valleys, and wildflower meadows in every direction, adventure is hard to avoid here. Tie a fly and fish teeming catch-and-release holes. Climb a mountain to overlook miles of rugged terrain. Or sway through an iconic horseback ride in impressive terrain.

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