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Trey and Shelby Scharp have been the general managers of Flat Creek for well over 10 years. They’ve been employed by the ranch for more than 20 years. Needless to say they know a few things about the area.

After spending a decade of traveling to South America hosting private groups and fishermen, they have settled full-time in Jackson Hole where Trey was born and raised.

Both University of Wyoming graduates, they feel right at home in the Wilderness where they are proud to share Flat Creek and raise their daughter Lucila.

The extended family of the ranch staff will take excellent care of you.

Author-journalists Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel have owned the Flat Creek Ranch since 1998.

A husband-and-wife team of foreign correspondents for nearly 20 years, Joe and Marcia were stationed most recently in Russia and China. They now live full-time in Jackson Hole.

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