Flat Creek Ranch
Wyoming Dude Ranch Jobs


These jobs have to be filled each summer. Some are filled with returning employees, others with new hires. If you are interested, please fill out the form below to find out what is open.


Our guests number 15 at the most. We promise fine food three times a day with a ‘ranch gourmet’ cuisine that is creative, healthy and delicious.

The chefs also cook meals for our staff.

We welcome applications from a couple. Depending on qualifications, the spouse would work as a ranch helper or head of housekeeping. Applicants must commit to work from June 1 until mid-September.

What we look for in our two chefs:

  • Team players

  • Chefs who want to plan their own menus and escape assembly-line cooking.

  • Experience in purchasing and sticking to a budget.

  • Strict standards of hygiene and sanitation.

Operations Chief

Our operations chief is a jack-of-all-trades who can maintain our solar, water and fire fighting equipment and fix things when they break.

What we’re looking for in our operations chief:

  • Aptitude for carpentry, plumbing, car repair and fixing propane appliances.

  • A love of the outdoors.

  • Experience using a chain saw is a must.

  • Experience as a fishing or hiking guide is a plus.

  • Preference will go to candidates who can drive guests to and from town, which means candidates should be over 21 and have no DUIs on their driving records.

  • We would strongly consider hiring the spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend of the Operations Chief for another position on the ranch. Applicants must commit to work from May 1 through September 30.

Head Of Housekeeping

This supervisor is tasked with overseeing the work of ranch helpers, often college students, and works with them to keep all ranch buildings clean and neat.

You’ll also keep grounds watered and tended, including our vegetable garden, and assure housekeeping supplies are well stocked.

This person has overall responsibility for making sure our guests enjoy a comfortable and attractive accommodation.

While the head housekeeper does not schedule staff, he or she is expected to keep the ranch helpers productively busy during their work shifts.

He or she also reports maintenance issues that need tending to managers or to the operations chief.

If the person applying for this position has a spouse or companion also applying for a job, we do our best to hire them both if positions are available.

Ranch Helpers

Our summer staff includes at least four highly motivated, dependable people who love the outdoors and want the experience of working at our historic wilderness ranch.

Ideally, the candidates will come in pairs – friends who want to share a room in our bunkhouse and enjoy hiking together on their time off.

Duties include cleaning cabins, serving meals, helping with dishes, feeding the horses, relating to guests.

Knowledge about mountain flora and fauna and ability to lead nature hikes is a big plus; so is the ability to entertain guests by playing the piano or the guitar.

Applicants for the Ranch Helper positions must commit to work at least from late May through late August and have no DUIs on their driving records.

At least two of the Ranch Helpers must be at least 21 years old so that they will be allowed by our insurance company to drive guests.

We give preference to applicants who have experience using chain saws and/or can work in September.


For days off, you will want your own vehicle. We’ll transport you to and from the ranch for work.

At the ranch, the regular work schedule is five days and four nights, with three nights and two days off. Don’t expect evenings on the town in Jackson except on your nights off.

We supply free room and board during work days. For your days off, you are welcome to stay in our staff apartment south of Jackson, which our staff members share without charge.

Drug use at the ranch or staff apartment is a firing offense.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.