Flat Creek Ranch

Trail Running, an Alternative Guest Ranch Activity

Trail Running in Jackson Hole.

An Alternative Guest Ranch Activity

As everyone who visits Flat Creek Ranch soon comes to realize, there are plenty of activities around the ranch that allow you to immerse yourself in the wilderness. From hiking, to horseback riding, fly fishing and water sports, Flat Creek Ranch has an activity for you. There is also a new activity that has been growing and requires only a sturdy pair of shoes.  Trail running is a great alternative to the ordinary Jackson Hole guest ranch activities.

Trail running in Jackson Hole and elsewhere has taken on a life of its own with the birth of trail marathons and ultra-marathons. But you don’t have to run twenty six miles or even 6 miles to enjoy the beauty and connection with nature that trail running at Flat Creek Ranch can give you. We offer many options to personalize your trail running vacation.

For those who prefer to travel by foot, your stay can start by running up to Flat Creek Ranch. We will bring your luggage to the ranch, and you can choose to run the 9 mile Elk Refuge section, the 6 mile jeep track, or both. On the Elk Refuge you have the chance of seeing everything from Pronghorn Antelope to Bison and a magnificent view of the Tetons and Sleeping Indian. Coming across the plains and up to the ranch on foot can also give you a little insight to the way the people who homesteaded the area had to travel, and send you back to the Wild West of days past if only for a moment.

Bison on the way to Flat Creek Ranch
Trail Running at Flat Creek Ranch

If you are just too anxious to get up to the ranch and would rather take the car ride up there are still plenty of running opportunities once you reach your cabin. All of the classic hikes at the ranch are fair game for trail running at our Jackson Hole guest ranch. The Teton Overview trail is a great rolling run through the high sage brush with a few good hills to challenge yourself.  The Teton Range vista that greets you at the halfway point is guaranteed to take your breath away if the run up doesn’t.

View of the Sleeping Indian
Trail Running the Teton Overview Trail

If you’re looking for a little bit flatter run on a slightly more technical trail with equally great views, the Hunting Camp trail may be for you. This trail has traditionally been reserved for horse travel coming from the ranch but has become one of my personal favorites to run. After meandering along the banks of the lake as well as Disappearing Lake, the trail finally reaches a large meadow surrounded by rugged Wyoming peaks and cliff faces with a waterfall cascading from one side of the valley and Flat Creek running through the middle of it. Mule deer, moose and the occasional bear are all possible sightings on this run. This trail continues past this meadow and gradually climbs up the canyon.

For the ultimate test of your fitness, take in the most beautiful high alpine running terrain.   Challenge by running up to the nose of the Sleeping Indian. Four miles and 4,000 feet of vertical gain is not for the casual jogger, but if a challenge is what you’re looking for, this trail has no shortage of incline or awe-inspiring wilderness views.

After your run, you can return to a cold beer or lemonade and some high quality muscle relaxation in our rustic, river front, wood burning sauna. When you’re done relaxing in the sauna and rested up, refuel with our chef’s gourmet and healthy meals. So next time you’re looking for a place to not only relax in the wilderness of the great American West, but also enjoy world class trail running, cuisine, and many other activities. Come visit us at Flat Creek Ranch, and test your trail running at our Jackson Hole guest ranch.

To learn more about other great trail running opportunities in Jackson Hole, check out Teton Trail Runners for up to date information on trails and conditions in the Jackson Hole area.