Jackson Hole Wyoming Dude Ranch

A truly unique location

For decades Jackson Hole’s Flat Creek Ranch has carried a mystique inspired by its raucous history, its remoteness and its epic wild beauty. Now this jewel cloaked in the National Forest can become your own private wilderness.

Getting here is your first adventure — a 15-mile route across the National Elk Refuge and into the mountains over a rigorous jeep track. At the end of the road you reach a true haven.

Come to hike, to ride, to fish, to experience the backcountry. Come to meet an array of wildlife from bald eagles to moose and deer, scores of ducks, owls and visiting osprey. Scan the cliffs above the ranch for mountain sheep. Fish for trout in our acclaimed stream and private lake.

At the end of your wilderness day, come in for a soft landing. Unkink in the sauna. Restoke your fires on our ranch gourmet cooking– a healthy and generous cuisine spiced with just enough decadence. Beer and wine are complimentary at cocktail hour and dinner.

Finally settle down in one of our historic, completely renovated log cabins. Each is a suite consisting of a bedroom, a living room with wood stove, a bathroom and a sitting porch. Electric power comes from our state-of-the-art solar system – a symbol of our determination to preserve our environment and promote low impact eco-tourism.