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Adventure Leadership Workshop Comes to Jackson Hole

Adventure Leadership Workshop

Tired of the run-of-the-mill, hotel ballroom-held, corporate retreat where you don’t remember anything you learned a week after you return back to the job? This September 2-5 we are proud to be hosting a new style of management workshop, an adventure leadership workshop, led in conjunction with Leadership Adventures Inc., is designed to develop leadership skills through experiential adventures, all in the setting of our world-class ranch.

Leadership Adventures Inc. provides accelerated experiential learning to their clients in order to improve leadership skills. Their courses and values are rooted in the idea that putting everyone on “even ground”, in a wilderness setting, with immersion into new leadership roles and skills, creates a hands-on learning environment in which the learning process is accelerated, retention is improved, and the upon-return impact is greatly increased.

This adventure leadership workshop is focused on becoming a more inspiring leader. You will be led through modules which utilize horseback riding, skills related to handling a horse, as well as navigating National Forest and Wilderness land on horseback. Our adventure guides will be there to support you every step of the way, and no horse experience is required. Within these modules of working with a horse, we will uncover themes which directly relate to becoming a more inspiring leader. There is an unspoken “language” between rider and horse, as the rider must be confident and treat the horse with respect. Just as well, adventures in the wilderness require higher-level critical thinking skills, as one must always analyze and respect the environment. All of these skills are vital for leaders to acquire, and are just as applicable in the workplace as they are in the wilderness.

All of this is provided right here at Flat Creek Ranch, which includes world-class fly fishing, gourmet fare at each meal, stunning views of Wyoming landscape, and beautiful nicely appointed cabins. Join us on Sept 2-5,and let your adventure leadership workshop begin!

Trail Ride in the wilderness
Enjoying the views and learning from your horse on a trail ride in the Wilderness