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Why Choose Jackson Hole Wyoming Vacation Packages?

Are Jackson Hole Wyoming vacation packages a better value than booking separately?

Horseback Riding - Jackson Hole Wyoming Vacation Packages at Flat Creek Ranch
Horseback Riding at Flat Creek Ranch

In light of the idea that everyone is trying to get the best value for their money, I went out to see just how Flat Creek Ranch stacked up. What if you stayed in Jackson Hole and tried to have the same experiences on your own that we provide as a vacation package at the ranch. Here is a sample of a three nights in Jackson Hole in July with all the adventures, food and drinks and fun times that we offer, that you would have to plan and coordinate yourself.

You have arrived in town and pick up your rental car, since you will be driving to all of your activities. You head to your hotel, an upscale rustic lodge with a nice location in town. The first night you enjoy dinner at the hotel with a bottle of wine. The next morning after a hearty breakfast you head out for a 4 hour trail ride. How far out of town do you drive? Did you get good directions?

After your ride you grab a beer and a burger before driving back to town to meet for your fly fishing casting lesson. Do they have all of the gear? Where do meet again? It has been a great action packed day, and you are whooped, but you still have to get reservations and head to dinner. Perhaps rack of lamb across the street? But you’re not sure which restaurants in town are really good, and what ones are overrated.

Today you have a half day of guided hiking in the local Bridger Teton National Forest. You drive again and meet at the parking lot to head out. You think that you have picked a good hike, but you are not sure about your ability, so what happens you get worn-out? After the hike you are driving once again and are back to grab a gourmet pizza and a lazy afternoon at the hotel. The next morning you have to drop off your rental and head to the airport. What is the ticket price for this three day vacation?

  • Rental Car: $238.00
  • Hotel: $1632.00
  • Activities: $649.75
  • Food and Drinks: $672.50
  • Total: $3192.25

The total for a three night stay including tax and gratuity at Flat Creek Ranch: $3240 – priceless!

For less than $50.00 you don’t have to drive, you only have to make one reservation, you don’t have to call and find out where to meet, how to get there and at what time.   What is your time worth?

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