Flat Creek Ranch

Private Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly fishing on Flat Creek Ranch, Private Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole at it’s best!

There are few opportunities for private fly fishing in Jackson Hole.  Flat Creek Ranch offers private access  fly fishing on some of the most coveted private waters in Jackson Hole.  The gin clear waters of Flat Creek sustain healthy populations of native Snake River Fine Spot Cutthroat Trout and wild Brook Trout.

Fly fishing Flat Creek Ranch
Fly fishing Flat Creek Ranch

To fish Flat Creek and the lake effectively you must be observant of the trout and their feeding behavior. Watch to see if the fish are either rising or just sitting in the runs, moving occasionally to eat a nymph. This is a great clue to whether you should fish a wet or dry fly. If you observe fish rising, try to also observe what type of fly their feeding on. Watch the surface of the water; look in the air of on streamside vegetation for a clue to the insects form and try to match your fly to the real insect.

There is a diverse variety of aquatic insects in Flat Creek Lake and Flat Creek. They range from small Midges to large Golden Stoneflies. Midges tend to be most common in the lake. The larvae, the pupae, and winged adult provide a important, year round food source for the large trout that resides in the lake. In addition to the Midges, there are Mayflies, Damselflies, and Dragon flies that inhabit Flat Creek and the lake. The most prolific Mayfly activity occurs in early to mid-July when the large Grey Drake emerges from the muddy shallows and provides excellent forage for the trout. In addition to the Grey Drake there are also Blue Winged Olive, Callibetis, Pale Morning Dun, and Mahogany Dun found both in the creek and the lake.

Caddis flies make up an important source of food for both the fish in the lake and creek. They range from micro Caddis, to large October Caddis. The October Caddis tend to emerge late in the season and give the fish an important source of food before the long Wyoming winter. There is a variety of Stone Flies to be found in Flat Creek. The small Black Stoneflies then tend to hatch in the early and late parts of the summer, while the Yellow Sally hatch continues through the hot mid-summer days. The Golden Stonefly is usually not abundant but may be seen from late June to mid-July. The Golden Stonefly is of particular interest to anglers because its large size brings the fish to feed on the surface and makes fishing a large dry fly enjoyable. In addition to aquatic insects, terrestrial insects make up an important portion of the trout’s diet. Grasshoppers, Ants, Beetles, and even the occasional Cicada can be a great meal for a trout.

Flat Creek Ranch is happy to provide its guests with quality equipment to use fishing during your stay.

Flat Creek Ranch enforces a strict FLY-FISHING ONLY/CATCH – AND – RELEASE ONLY policy. We also ask you to please PINCH THE BARBS of your hooks thus making it easier to release the fish unharmed.

We provide a free fly fishing clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For those who in addition want to book a private fishing guide, the rates are $275 for a half-day.  We also work with Grand Teton Fly Fishing, a fly fishing outfitter who can provide world class fly fishing opportunities throughout Wyoming.

Contact us today to book your stay at Flat Creek Ranch and enjoy your own private fly fishing in Jackson Hole.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!!