Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do your rates include meals?
A. Yes.

Q. Do your rates include drinks?
A. Beer and Wine and soft drinks are included. If you like to have a special cocktail you need to bring your own alcohol.

Q. What about special dietary requests?
A. With advance notice, we are pleased to prepare vegetarian or other special meals. For birthdays and other special occasions, we’ll be glad to bake a cake.

Q. Shall I rent a car?
A. You won’t need a car for the days you’re at the ranch, but you probably will need a car for the rest of your stay in Jackson Hole. If you are staying in Jackson Hole before and after your visit to the ranch, it can save you money to drop off your rental car and then pick up another when you depart. Our rates include free transportation in a ranch vehicle to and from town (or the airport) when you are arriving or departing.

Q. How far is it to drive to Yellowstone Park?
A. It’s at least two-and-a-half hours (about 75 miles) from our ranch to the South Gate of Yellowstone. From our ranch to the town of Jackson (15 miles) takes slightly more than an hour. From Jackson to the South Gate (about 60 miles) often takes another an hour and a half.) From the South Gate, it’s another hour or more (about 40 miles) to Old Faithful.

Q. Can we make phone calls from the ranch?
A. We advise bringing your cell phone. Most guests’ cell phones do get sufficient reception from some places on the ranch. Your success will depend on your cell phone carrier. Guests have had good luck with Verizon and some AT&T cell phones but bad luck with Sprint phones. If your phone won’t work, you are welcome to use the ranch phone and pay phone charges when you depart.

Q. Can I send and receive emails?
A. Some guests have gotten email service on their Blackberrys and IPhones, but others have not. If you have a wireless laptop, you can send and receive emails over the slow wireless internet connection in the Lodge. Don’t plan on sending or receiving large attachments.

Q. When we go on trail rides, can we gallop?
A. No. In the interests of safety, we believe our wilderness terrain is too rocky and rugged for galloping.

Q. Can we bring our well-behaved pet?
A. Sorry, we have had some bad experiences with visiting pets and have had to make a firm rule against guests bringing pets. If you would like, you can board your pets at the Spring Creek Animal Hospital in Jackson (307-733-1606).

Q. What’s the weather likely to be?
A. Typically in July and August we have warm days in the 80s and nights in the 40s. In June and September, we expect temperatures to be about 10 degrees cooler. Bring a sweater or a jacket that layers well. A rainproof poncho or lightweight rain jacket is a good insurance policy. Info on the Jackson Hole climate.

*Flat Creek Ranch is a Permittee in Bridger-Teton National Forest.  An Equal Opportunity Provider.