Flat Creek Ranch Spring Specials

Join Flat Creek Ranch for early season – a little known secret that locals won’t even let you in on! It is a special time when the snow is melting off the hillsides but the peaks still glisten white; when wildflowers are blooming on a daily basis and bursts of color paint the valley floor.  

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Here are a few more of our favorite things about spring:
fly fishing at a Wyoming dude ranch

  • Clear Fishing Waters: For those who want to get a jump on the summer fishing season, Flat Creek Ranch is a great place to start. We have a 60 acre lake and a mile and a half of spring creek that run clear year round.  You can walk wade along the banks of the creek or go out in our Mackenzie Drift boat on the lake. You will be enjoying the best of Jackson fly fishing long before anyone else.
  • Abundant Wildlife:  New babies are everywhere, from robin nests to calf moose. Large game, like elk and big horn sheep, are moving into the high country for the summer, while the deer and moose are browsing on fresh buds and new grass. Prairie dogs and marmot are busy running around and easy to spot.  There are many different types of birds, including bald eagles, osprey, blue Heron, and sometimes even trumpeter swans.
  • Uncrowded:  For many people school continues well into June and leaving town is just not an option.  For those who have the flexibility, June is a great time to beat the summer rush and still enjoy what a vacation in the mountains has to offer.
  • Surprising Weather: You do take some chances coming early, but that is part of the fun! You could spend one day hiking in the sunshine, and the next curled up on the couch in front of a wood burning fire watching the snow fall. There is something special about watching a spring thunder storm build up across the valley and hearing the thunder crash off in the distance.  The weather is as spectacular as it’s unpredictable in June.

Save your spot during our special early season here.  If you aren’t convinced already, call us at 307-733-0603 or contact us here.