Our Sustainability Efforts

Since Flat Creek Ranch was homesteaded in 1921, maintaining its natural beauty has been one of the highest priorities.  We have continued that legacy over the past 90 years and hope to continue it well into the future. Conservation is central to the philosophy driving our operations.

BEST certifcation (Business Emerald Sustainability Tier.) The standards in the BEST program are comparable to the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive environmental, community, and economic sustainability criteria.  We take our sustainability efforts seriously and are honored to be one of the few Jackson Hole businesses that has qualified for the BEST certification!

Jackson Hole Luxury Ranch - Sustainability Award

The Long Run Fellow Alliance Member working towards becoming a Global Ecosphere Retreat: Global Ecosphere Retreats® (GER) Recognition is setting a new standard in sustainability and is a driving force in promoting and developing sustainable thinking around the globe. It ensures that best practices are adhered to and innovative approaches experimented with and researched to develop sustainable solutions. The GER® recognition is undertaken by The Long Run Members who have transitioned from a commitment to sustainability to the effective demonstration that their resources are sustainably managed. Once the recognition is achieved, these become The Long Run Global Ecosphere Retreats®. The GER® recognition system assesses performance and processes across the 4Cs(Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce). It helps The Long Run Members maximize the positive and minimize the negative impacts of their activities, whilst encouraging them to strive for higher-order learning and long-term achievements.

Jackson Hole Land Trust: The Jackson Hole Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization that was established in 1980 to preserve open space and the critical wildlife habitat, magnificent scenic vistas, and historic ranching heritage of Western Wyoming. By working cooperatively with the owners of the area’s privately owned open lands, the Jackson Hole Land Trust has ensured the permanent protection of over 55,000 acres in and around Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Area including Fremont and Sublette counties. From our genesis and over the past 35 years, the Land Trust has succeeded because of community leadership, involvement, and action. Although the Jackson Hole Land Trust continues to evolve, as does the valley in which we work, our commitment to our mission and the stewardship of our protected properties remains steadfast.

Register of Historic Places in Wyoming: The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America’s historic and archeological resources. National Register of Historic Places Collection in the area of Exploration and Settlement.

RRR Business leader of Jackson: Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling (ISWR) is pleased to present a new and improved Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) Business Leaders program! Originally established in 2007, RRR Business Leaders was a casualty of the Great Recession. Thanks to generous support from 1% for the Tetons and several other community partners, ISWR is able to revitalize and re-launch this popular community program in 2014! What is RRR Business Leaders? RRR Business Leaders is a green business certification program and membership-based association managed by ISWR.

International Dark Sky Places: Our award-winning flagship conservation program recognizes and promotes excellent stewardship of the night sky. We’ve certified more than 65 Dark Sky Places worldwide across six continents, comprising more than 58,000 square km (21,200 square miles).  The Dark Sky Places Program was started by IDA in 2001 to encourage communities around the world to preserve and protect dark sites through responsible lighting polices and public education.

Jackson Hole has become one of the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations: Yellowstone is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. 97% of Teton County, where Jackson Hole and the Southern half of Yellowstone are located, is divided into protected national parks, national forests and wildlife refuges. Yellowstone and the surrounding areas comprise the largest intact natural ecosystem in the lower 48 states and the park houses wildlife such as wolfs, various kinds of bears, deer and bison that are especially interesting to visitors. Jackson Hole & Yellowstone was one of the first destinations to adopt sustainability standards in its management and it successfully continues to do so. Lean more about sustainable destinations.

Capital investment in solar system in 1999 and new replacement in 2015: All aspects of Ranch operations are low-impact and updated as technology allows. Comprehensive recycling governs food and beverage service. Our small but efficient garden reduces commercial dependency, and all freshwater and trekking adventures are as non-intrusive as possible and conservancy-driven.  Our low impact design and focus on raising guests’ awareness of how to care for their environment highlights our commitment to a greener present and future for tourism. Our commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated through its interaction with its staff and guests.  We try seizes every opportunity to impart our knowledge on best practice where sustainability is concerned. This knowledge sharing has often had unexpected but welcome results. The Flat Creek family views nature conservation as an important product of their ranch management practices. They approach each piece of land from a holistic perspective, looking at the ecosystem’s health from a landscape-scale and then narrowing its focus to particular areas of concern.