Our Partners

Flat Creek Ranch has the honor and privilege of partnering with some wonderful people and truly extraordinary organizations. We recognize that many hands and hearts go into creating our guest experiences. Allow us to share with you who we rely on, to help make Flat Creek Ranch special. We thank our partners and friends for their tireless efforts – it is a joy to work with them.




Stio is an outdoor apparel company based in Jackson Hole. Flat Creek Ranch is proud to partner with a local clothing company! If you make it into town, be sure to stop by their Mountain Studio in downtown Jackson.


Snake River Roasting Company


Start your morning at Flat Creek Ranch with delicious, sustainable coffee! Snake River Roasting Company is based in Jackson Hole and uses certified organic coffee roasted in small batches.


Lockhart Beef 


The Lockhart family has been in the Jackson Hole area for 4 generations start with Bruce Porter in 1914. The family owned and operated ranch combines supreme Hereford genetics with premium grass and water and the results are solid— healthy, sustainable beef. We are blessed to have such a delicious resource right here in the valley. Our favorite…thick cut shank for an amazing osso bucco!

Holding Space

FCR Partners - Holding

Did you have a chance to soak with sea salts in your tub? Did you use the special blend on essential oils in the sauna? Did you take home a beautiful hand crafted necklace with the Flat Creek logo? Well then you have experienced just a bit of what Holding Space has to offer. Paige and Aaron love the ranch and we love their enthusiasm.

Weston Wines (208-459-2631)


Nestled in Canyon County Idaho, this winery sits higher than any other winery in the Northwest. At 2,800 feet the winery gives a commanding view of the surrounding Owyhee Mountains and scenic Snake River. Opened since 1981, the family-owned winery is now operated by Alex Weston. He is crafting wine beautiful elegant wines that fit seamlessly into Flat Creek cuisine. The wines are handpicked, hand bottled and hand crafted. We also love the fact that perhaps along the way a little bit of Flat Creek made it into the Snake River and helps grow these scrumptious grapes!